Here are two different versions of the Arriflex 16S Operating Manual (one 16S/B manual from the Arriflex Corporation of America in 1970 covering the latest model, one 16S manual from 1957 covering the earlier model), along with a copy of the camera insert that came inside each new camera.  And here is the Arriflex 16M Operating Manual.   There are also two different Arriflex 16S promotional catalogs, one from 1957 and one from 1963 and a ARRI price list from 1981 to give you an idea of what the original prices were for the cameras and accessories:

Operating Manuals and Camera Inserts:

Arriflex 16S/B  Operating Instruction Manual (1970, Pub. by Arriflex Corp. of America)
Arriflex 16S  Operating Instruction Manual (1957)
Arriflex 16S/B  Original Camera Insert (1970)
Arriflex 16M Operating Instruction Manual (1969)


Promotional Catalogues:

Arriflex 16S  1957 Catalog
Arriflex 16S  1963 Catalog
Arriflex 16S/B Price List  1981